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How to use MetriX Dashboard to your advantage

The Metrix Finance tool is the most useful economic and financial dashboard that is free to use. It's hard to find economic data that is easy to understand and quickly have access to. With Metrix you can instantly see inflation data, gas prices, food prices and more. Metrix is broken up in sections. The top shelf is divided into the most popular metrics for what the average investor wants to know. The middle shelf tells investors and researchers more sub data like the unemployment percent, the current mortgage rate and increase or decrease in used car prices. Then we have stock market metrics such as a bear market counter and investor fear levels. Finally an indicator that tells us the overall status of the stock market at the bottom.

These indicators and data sets help investors see how the economy is performing. By understanding the health of the economy, we can gauge the future direction of the equity markets. The inflation data from the Metrix dashboard is updated every morning and pulled from reliable sources. As the Metrix dashboard gets updated, more data shelfs and cards will be added.

There are 2 main colors being used to indicate an up or down direction. Purple means the numbers from the economic data is increasing. Green means the numbers are decreasing. For example, if gas prices are falling then the number would be green. If real estate prices are climbing then that number will be purple.

Enjoy this free tool and spread the word.


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