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Go Buy A Chicken!

Egg prices are absolutely nuts so you may as well buy a dang chicken!

Currently egg prices are up 15% month over month and 58% year over year! Egg prices may be high due to a variety of reasons. Some possible causes include an increase in demand for eggs, a decrease in the supply of eggs due to issues with chicken farms, or an increase in the cost of feed for chickens. Additionally, the prices of goods are affected by many factors such as production costs, transportation, storage, and market competition. It would be best to check the specific case in your region.

Raising chickens for eggs can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here are some basic steps to get started:

  1. Choose a breed: Different breeds of chickens lay different amounts and colors of eggs. Some popular egg-laying breeds include Rhode Island Reds, Leghorns, and Plymouth Rocks.

  2. Build a coop: Chickens need a secure place to sleep and lay their eggs. A basic coop can be made out of wood and wire mesh, and should include a nest box for the chickens to lay their eggs in.

  3. Provide food and water: Chickens need a constant source of food and water. A commercial chicken feed can provide all the necessary nutrients, and a waterer should be refilled daily.

  4. Give them a run: Chickens need a place to forage and stretch their legs. A run can be made out of wire mesh and should be big enough for the chickens to move around in comfortably.

  5. Keep them safe: Chickens are prey animals and need to be protected from predators such as foxes, raccoons, and hawks. Make sure the coop and run are secure, and consider using an electric fence to deter predators.

  6. Maintain the coop: Keep the coop clean by removing manure and bedding regularly, and make sure to keep fresh water and food available at all times.

  7. Get ready for eggs: Chickens typically start laying eggs at around 18-20 weeks of age. Once they start laying, collect the eggs daily to prevent them from breaking.

It is important to note that raising chickens for eggs is a long-term commitment and requires regular care and attention.

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