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Elon Musk Won't Be Happy With Tesla Earnings

Elon Musk has recently stated that he would lower prices of his vehicles if inflation would cool down.

"If inflation calms down, we can lower prices for cars"

To me this could mean several things but ultimately Tesla must be struggling overall with demand due to higher prices. I am a heavy supporter and investor of Tesla but going into upcoming earnings I am feeling a bit unsettled. Q2 earnings come out July 20, 2022 this week.

Earning estimates for Q2 are coming in lower at 1.86 compared to Q1 at 2.26.

This could help Tesla stock out if earnings are lower than last month, so there is still a chance of a beat. Inflation data is still hot and not slowing yet. Gas and food prices have been dropping but contributors like real estate, housing and consumer spending are not looking great. Inflation printed at 9.1% and for now there is no signs of a cool down until we flatten the curve.

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