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Bear Market Hits 200 Days

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

The bear market has officially hit 200 days since we hit all time highs on the S&P 500 in December. SPY peaked at $480 and we are currently sitting around $395 from the bear market low point of $362. That is a 9% recovery so far if $362 was the bottom. The bear market counter of 200 days is based on the below bear trend. Once the bear trend is broken, the bear counter is erased and we would fall into a bull trend.

Inflation data continues to come in at a good rate right now. Gas falls roughly 3 cents on a daily basis for the national regular average. Currently that average is $4.38.

The overall health of the stock markets and status of the markets is determined by the bear trend and investors fear. I convert this data into 2 visual graphs on the metrix dashboard.

First we have Fear Metrixs which is determined by the performance of a stock or index. If there is more selling activity this means short sellers have the upper hand and buyers are fearful that the stock is likely to continue to fall. Also the stock would have a poor technical rating.

Finally we have overall status of the markets. This metric is determined by the Bear Market Counter & Fear Metrixs. Because SPY has been reversing over the past month, the status has changed from Tumbling to Slow Down.

Track of all the latest inflation data and economic health of the markets at

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